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The Visual Scientists

Gabriel Lim

Executive Director

A maestro when it comes to connecting a brand with its audience through experiential elements. He believes that the emotions that run through whilst interacting with a product is key in building the interest of the audience towards it.

Fariz Hanapiah

Executive Creative Director

Believes in bringing brands to life using awe-inspiring graphics and compositions. He does so by placing a great deal of importance in ensuring the elements represent the product and that the brand is understood through beautiful storytelling.

David Sheppard

Azraai Hasry

Team Lead

Head of the Lab, he leads the team of visual scientists. He has been with Motiofixo since the start.

Rich Sejas

Project Coordinator

He is the link between you to us, the answers your every questions, and will guide you through the process from start till finish.

Chelsea Ronna

Account Executive

Abdul Shakir

Visual Designer

Energetic with a passion for motion design, Shakir captivates the audience with his concoctions of visuals.

Wong Guan Sheng

Interactive Developer

The one who “talks” to the machines.

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