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Veterinary Medicine

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Field Manual for Small Animal Medicine

Katherine Polak, Ann Therese Kommedal

Guide to Canine and Feline Electrocardiography

Ruth Willis, Pedro Oliveira, Antonia Mavropoulou

Ectoparasites: Drug Discovery Against Moving Targets

Charles Q. Meng, Ann E. Sluder, Paul M. Selzer

Handbook of Equine Parasite Control, 2nd Edition

Martin K. Nielsen, Craig R. Reinemeyer

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Wiggs's Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and Practice

Heidi B. Lobprise, J. R. (Bert) Dodd

Introduction to One Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Planetary Health

Sharon L. Deem, Kelly E. Lane-deGraaf, Elizabeth A. Rayhel

Exotic Animal Laboratory Diagnosis

J. Jill Heatley, Karen E. Russell

British Poultry Standards 7e

J. Ian H. Allonby, Philippe B. Wilson