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The Shock Doctrine of the Left

Graham Jones

ISBN: 978-1-509-52854-7 September 2018 Polity 140 Pages


Shocks, from natural disasters to military catastrophes, have long been exploited by the state to impose privatization, cuts and rampant free markets. This book argues that the left can use such moments of chaos to achieve emancipation.

Graham Jones illustrates how everyone can help to exploit these shocks and bring about a new world of compassion and care. He examines how combining mutually reinforcing strategies of ‘smashing, building, healing and taming’ can become the basis of a unified left. His vivid personal experience underpins a compelling, practical vision for activism, from the scale of the individual body to the global social movement.

This bold book is a toolkit for revolution for activists and radical millennials everywhere.
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • 1. The Body Model
  • 2. Smashing
  • 3. Buildling
  • 4. Healing
  • 5. Taming
  • 6. The Meta-strategy
  • Bibliography
‘The Shock Doctrine of the Left presents a captivating and disarmingly accessible reflection on strategy for the left today. With a unique ability to synthesize what are often divisively opposed positions, this illuminating book is a must-read for anyone wondering how to build power.’
Nick Srnicek, author of Inventing the Future

'This is a forceful, concise and accessible guide to multi-scalar organizing. It balances original theoretical insights with practical political acumen and deserves the widest possible audience.’
Helen Hester, University of West London