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The Little Book of Results: A Quick Guide to Achieving Big Goals

The Little Book of Results: A Quick Guide to Achieving Big Goals

Jamie Smart

ISBN: 978-0-857-08771-3

Apr 2018, Capstone

312 pages



'It is easier to complicate than to simplify' - this book takes up that challenge and aims to refine and clarify the theories in the original Results to produce a more succinct route to clarity and better results for the reader - because we all want to see results at home, at work and in life!

Using transformational coaching techniques, examples, exercises and metaphors, Jamie talks the reader through the three key changes they need to achieve the results they are after and inspire others to do the same. Based on the principles of The Clarity Coaching Model, the reader will learn how to de-congest their mind to think more clearly, make better decisions and improve performance – achieving the ‘flow’ state attributed to the results of top-flight individuals. Clearer thinking removes the stress and anxiety from decision making and allows you to focus on your goals. Rather than a step-by-step process, the reader is encouraged to form a deep understanding of themselves to awaken their inner potential and improve their innate abilities including better listening, deeper connections, more motivation and greater innovation and creativity.

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Part One – GROUNDING Your Personal Transformation

Chapter 1: You're Built for Reality; You're Optimized for Results

Chapter 2: The One and Only Way Your Mind Always Works

Chapter 3: Eliminating Worry, Anxiety and Fear of Criticism

Chapter 4: The Source of Resourcefulness, Resilience and Results

Chapter 5: Finding Your Place of Meaning, Passion and Purpose

Chapter 6: Leadership: The Inner Key to Confidence and Certainty

Chapter 7: The Liberating Truth About Goals

Chapter 8: Moving from Resistance to Action

Part Two – IMPACT Your Interpersonal Transformation

Chapter 9: The Principles of Impact

Chapter 10: The Secret of Powerful Connection

Chapter 11: The Source of Superb Performance

Chapter 12: The Catalyst for Transformational Results

Chapter 13: The Only Two Challenges that Stop People Making Progress

Chapter 14: Finding Your Bearings When You Get Knocked Off-track

Chapter 15: Making Good Decisions: Wisdom, Intuition and Common Sense

Chapter 16: The Source of Impact, Innovation and Disruption

Part Three – LEVERAGE Your Commercial Transformation

Chapter 17: Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Instincts

Chapter 18: Tribal Marketing: Engaging Your Audience

Chapter 19: The Only Things Anyone Ever Pays For

Chapter 20: Influence, Motivation and Zero-Pressure Persuasion

Chapter 21: Turning Ideas into Reality

Chapter 22: Leveraging Your Results Exponentially

Chapter 23: The Key to Creating Transformational Experiences

Chapter 24: Prospering in the Transformation Economy


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“A gem” - PQ Magazine, June 2018