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The Integrity Void

The Integrity Void

Jen Dalitz

ISBN: 978-0-730-35956-2

Mar 2019

192 pages

Select type: Paperback




Across every facet of our economy, every industry, every sector, an integrity void is taking hold. It’s leading to billions of dollars in wastage, lost revenue, reputational damage and irretrievable shareholder returns. It decays the very trust on which our communities are built, and leaves us questioning the essence of who we believe in and what we stand for.  

A string of misconduct and systemic failures across the banking sector. A governance meltdown by the body that governs financial reporting. Corruption by politicians who should be upholding our laws. Union officials exploiting their most vulnerable workers. Degradation of our natural environment for short term profits.  Bullying, intimidation and sexual predation of employees. These are all symptoms of an integrity void.

While government seeks to hardwire integrity into business operations with legislation and regulation, shareholders and employees and the broader community are fed up with counting the costs. But what if we could bridge this integrity void from the inside out? Through a commitment to better values and behaviours and the way we do business? What would this look like in action?

Setting expectations about something that can’t be touched or measured isn’t easy. And as integrity can be hard to describe, this book seeks to explain by example. An important training tool in fostering the spirit of integrity in your workplace, this book will bring to life an array of case studies and cautionary tales, with the goal of starting a conversation about integrity across a spectrum of stakeholder groups. This book will provide tools and training exercises to assist in decoding what integrity looks like in practise, the warning signs of a potential integrity void; and then actions to bridge that void and restore the trust and confidence of stakeholders.