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Sociology for AQA Volume 1: AS and 1st-Year A Level, 5th Edition

Sociology for AQA Volume 1: AS and 1st-Year A Level, 5th Edition

Ken Browne

ISBN: 978-0-745-69614-0

Jun 2015, Polity

600 pages



An AQA-approved resource.

Sociology for AQA Volume 1 is the new edition of Ken Browne’s invaluable and widely used textbook, designed for AQA’s new Sociology AS level and Year 1 A level (for first teaching from September 2015). The book combines sociological rigour and accessibility, matching the AQA specifications and using these as a springboard to develop readers’ sociological skills and understanding. The fifth edition includes:
  • up-to-date discussions of a wide range of recent sociological data and debates
  • practice questions on every specification topic
  • a special chapter on the compulsory ‘Education with Methods in Context’ requirement of the specifications
  • full-colour photographs, diagrams and cartoons, to bring ideas to life and fire students' imaginations
  • a dedicated website at, with resources for teachers and additional material designed to help students revise or research themes in the book.
Key sociological terms are systematically highlighted throughout the text and are included in a comprehensive glossary, with questions and activities incorporated throughout to develop and test students' understanding further.

Pitched at the right level for the new AQA Sociology specifications, the book provides the tools necessary to help students, whatever their needs, interests and abilities. Together with the accompanying Sociology for AQA Volume 2, this is an invaluable resource for teaching and studying sociology.

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How to use this book
1. Introducing Sociology
2. Education with Methods in Context
3. Research Methods
4. Culture and Identity
5. Families and Households
6. Health
7. Work, Poverty and Welfare
Illustration credits
- Fresh new edition to match the new AQA specifictions and AS and A-level awards
- All-new chapter on the compulsory ‘Education with Methods in Context’ requirement of the new specifications
- Updated statistics, literature, references and examples
"Ken Browne and Polity Press have released an excellent textbook for AS and 1st year A level Sociology, designed to fit around the new AQA 2015 specifications... highly recommended for the 2015 generation of Sociology student."
The Sociology Teacher

"Ken Browne’s 5th edition is fully updated to meet the requirements of the new AQA AS and A level specifications and is a must-read for both teachers and students to gain an understanding of the contemporary issues in Sociology."
Andy Leach, Head of Studies York College, Senior Examiner, A Level Trainer, Ex-Principal Moderator

"This is a detailed yet very accessible book which provides both a general introduction to the subject and highly specific guidance on material focused on the AS examination. There is a good balance of sociological theory and up-to-date research evidence. Both students and teachers should find it invaluable as they embark on the study of sociology."
David Gilmore, Cardinal Newman College, and Senior Examiner