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Practical Wastewater Treatment, 2nd Edition



Practical Wastewater Treatment, 2nd Edition

David L. Russell

ISBN: 978-1-119-52712-1 March 2019 480 Pages


The updated and expanded guide for handling industrial wastes and designing a wastewater treatment plant

The revised and updated second edition of Practical Wastewater Treatment provides a hands-on guide to industrial wastewater treatment theory, practices, and issues. It offers information for the effective design of water and wastewater treatment facilities and contains material on how to handle the wide-variety of industrial wastes. The book is based on a course developed and taught by the author for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

The author reviews the most current industrial practices and goals, describes how the water industry works, and covers the most important aspects of the industry. In addition, the book explores a wide-range of approaches for managing industrial wastes such as oil, blood, protein and more. A comprehensive resource, the text covers such basic issues as water pollution, wastewater treatment techniques, sampling and measurement, and explores the key topic of biological modeling for designing wastewater treatment plants. This important book:

  • Offers an updated and expanded text for dealing with real-world wastewater problems
  • Contains new chapters on: Reverse Osmosis and desalination; Skin and Membrane Filtration; and Cooling tower water treatment
  • Presents a guide filled with helpful examples and diagrams that is ideal for both professionals and students
  • Includes information for handling industrial wastes and designing water and wastewater treatment plants

Written for civil or chemical engineers and students, Practical Wastewater Treatment offers the information and techniques needed to solve problems of wastewater treatment.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Composition, Chemistry, and Regulatory Framework

Chapter 2: What is Water Pollution?

Chapter 3: Groundwater & Its Treatment

Chapter 4: Sampling and Error Measurements

Chapter 5: The Flow of Water and Wastewater

Chapter 6: Statistics of Measurements

Chapter 7: Chemistry & Analyses

Chapter 8: Basic Water and Wastewater Treatment Techniques

Chapter 9: Biological Wastewater Treatment

Chapter 10: Anaerobic Treatment

Chapter 11: Precipitation and Sedimentation

Chapter 12: Granular Filtration Theory and Practice

Chapter 13: Skin Filtration

Chapter 14: Membrane Filters and Reverse Osmosis


Chapter 16: Phosphorous and Nitrogen Removal

Chapter 17: Carbon Adsorption

Chapter 18: Ion Exchange

Chapter 19: Dissolved Air Flotation and Techniques

Chapter 20: Coagulation, Flocculation and Chemical Treatment

Chapter 21: Heat Transfer Processes: Boilers, Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers

Chapter 22: Evaluating an Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant Design using Modeling Software