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History of Anatomy: An International Perspective

History of Anatomy: An International Perspective

R. Shane Tubbs

ISBN: 978-1-118-52425-1

Feb 2019, Wiley-Blackwell

300 pages




History of Anatomy: An International Perspective is unique in its global approach to studying the development of human anatomy. Though it references widely known anatomists, such as Aristotle, Galen, and Bell, the book also pay homage to less famous contributors to the field and explains their findings. This comprehensive history of the morphology of humans serves as a useful guide to anatomists, anthropologists, physicians, surgeons, and anyone interested in the early history of medicine and surgery.



Algeria (Trolard)


Austria (Obesteiner)

Greece (Aristotle, Galen, Polybus)

England (Browne, Lower, Drake, Sibson, Turner)

Scotland (Fyfe, Struthers, Bell)

Czechoslavakia (Bochdalek)

France (Bichat, Cloquet, Dejerine-Klumpke, Dionis, Estienne, Magendie, Vieussens, Sylvius, vicq d’Azyr)

Ireland (Colles)

Italy (Canano, Colombo, Caesserius, Lancisi, Morgagni, Oddi, Varolio, Vidius)

Holland (Stensen, Sylvius, Camper)

Germany (Broadmann, Hesselbach, Luschka, Thebesius, Wallenberg, Zuckerkandl)

Norway (Raeder)

Spain (Gibernat)

Sweden (Swendenborg)

Switzerland (His Sr., His Jr., Forel)



Middle East

Israel (Bible and Talmud)

Qur’an and Hadeeth

Persia (Rhazes, Mesue, al-Tabari, Joveini, Hally Abbas, ibn Sina, Jorjani, Tusi, al-Majlisi)

Babylon (Ibn Jazlah)

Far East:

Japan (Kawaguchi, Sugita, Maeno, Fuseya, Gentaku, Harada, Hoshino, Adachi, Tawara)

China (Nei Jing and Wang Qingren)

North America:

United States (Bigelow, Holmes)