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Green Metrics, Volume 11

Green Metrics, Volume 11

Paul T. Anastas (Series Editor), David J. C. Constable (Volume Editor), Concepcion Jimenez Gonzales (Volume Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-69527-0

Feb 2018

400 pages


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There has been dramatic growth in the community of researchers and industrialists working in the area of Green Chemistry. There has been an increasing recognition by a wide-range of scientists and engineers in the chemical enterprise that the framework of Green Chemistry is relevant and enabling to their work. There has been a significant body of work that has accumulated over the past decade that details the breakthroughs, innovation and creativity within Green Chemistry and Engineering.
While there have been edited volumes on Green Chemistry that collect a limited number of papers often on a particular topic area, there is not currently a series that seeks to provide a more comprehensive overview of the current state of the science. The lack of this type of series is a notable niche for which the continually growing Green Chemistry and engineering community would value and welcome.