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Green Metrics, Volume 11

Green Metrics, Volume 11

Paul T. Anastas (Series Editor), David J. C. Constable (Volume Editor), Concepcion Jimenez Gonzales (Volume Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-69527-0

Feb 2018

400 pages



Volume 11 of the Handbook of Green Chemistry series identifies, explains and expands on green chemistry and engineering metrics, describing how the two work together, backed by numerous practical applications.
Up-to-date and authoritative, this ready reference covers the development and application of sustainable chemistry along with engineering metrics in both academia and industry, providing the latest information on fundamental aspects of metrics, practical realizations and example case studies. Additionally, it outlines how metrics have been used to facilitate developments in sustainable and green chemistry. The different concepts of and approaches to metrics are applied to fundamental problems in chemistry and the focus is firmly placed on their use to promote the development and implementation of more sustainable and green chemistry and technology in the production of chemicals and related products.
Starting with molecular design, followed by chemical route evaluation, chemical process metrics and product assessment, by the end readers will have a complete set of metrics to choose from as they move a chemical conception to final product.
Of high interest to academics and chemists working in industry.
Green Chemistry and Engineering Metrics -
Background, drivers, desired outcomes
Expanding Rational Molecular Design beyond Pharma -
Metrics Chemists Can Use to Design Safer Chemicals
Key Metrics to Inform Chemical Synthesis Route Design
Life Cycle Assessment
Continous Processing
Batch Chemical Processing
How Chemicals Assessment for Chemicals in Consumer Products is Driving Green Chemistry
Tying it all together to drive Sustainability in the Chemical Enterprise