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Frequent Frauds Found in Governments and Not-for-Profits

Frequent Frauds Found in Governments and Not-for-Profits

Lynda Dennis

ISBN: 978-1-119-51440-4 April 2018 192 Pages




Recognizing fraudulent or deceptive practices is not always easy. What common frauds occur in governments and not-for-profits and how can they be avoided? Illustrating common frauds that make headlines and damage the reputations of government and not-for-profit entities, this title allows accountants to sharpen their forensic skills and uncover and avoid fraudulent activities. It provides an informative case study approach to real world situations.

This title will show accountants how to do the following:

  • Determine how interim fraudulent reporting may affect planned reliance on internal controls and any related audit procedures.
  • Identify how personnel policies and procedures can be circumvented and lead to possible fraud or abuse.
  • Apply potential ways to follow up on noted indications of fraud, abuse, and weaknesses in internal control.
  • Determine how management override of internal controls can lead to possible fraud.
  • Analyze how bribes and kickbacks may occur.
  • Identify how donated assets and capital assets in general might be misappropriated.

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Overview Overview-1

A Roadmap for Today’s Course Overview-1

Chapter 1 1-1

Case 1: Interim Financial Reporting 1-1

Chapter 2 2-1

Case 2: Misappropriation of Benefits 2-1

Chapter 3 3-1

Case 3: Personnel Fraud 3-1

Chapter 4 4-1

Case 4: Grant Expense Allocations 4-1

Chapter 5 5-1

Case 5: Management Override 5-1

Chapter 6 6-1

Case 6: Pledges and Contributions 6-1

Chapter 7 7-1

Case 7: Personal Use of Public Assets 7-1

Chapter 8 8-1

Case 8: Fictitious Employees 8-1

Chapter 9 9-1

Case 9: Misappropriation of Assets 9-1

Chapter 10 10-1

Case 10: Donated Assets 10-1

Chapter 11 11-1

Case 11: Procurement Cards 11-1

Chapter 12 12-1

Case 12: Overtime Fraud 12-1

Appendix A A-1

AU-C Section 240 A-1

Appendix B B-1

Other Sources of Information B-1

Other Sources of Information B-3

Glossary Fraud Glossary 1

Index Index 1

Solutions Solutions 1

Chapter 1 Solutions 1

Chapter 2 Solutions 3

Chapter 3 Solutions 4

Chapter 4 Solutions 6

Chapter 5 Solutions 7

Chapter 6 Solutions 8

Chapter 7 Solutions 9

Chapter 8 Solutions 10

Chapter 9 Solutions 11

Chapter 10 Solutions 12

Chapter 11 Solutions 13

Chapter 12 Solutions 15

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