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Form 990: Exploring the Form's Complex Schedules

Form 990: Exploring the Form's Complex Schedules

Eve Rose Borenstein, Jane M. Searing

ISBN: 978-1-119-51451-0

May 2018

304 pages


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Chapter 1 Introduction to Schedules- the Purpose and Function of The 990’s Supplemental Schedules 1-1

Introduction 1-2

The 16 Schedules of the Form 990 (using Mnemonics) 1-3

Chapter 2 Deep Dive into Schedule R, the First Required Schedule (When Applicable) Of the Form 990 2-1

Introduction 2-2

Completion of Schedule R Parts Vis-a-Vis Identifying Disregarded Entities and Related Organizations 2-17

Chapter 3 Deep Dive Into Schedule A How A Public Charity Is Not A Private Foundation 3-1

Schedule A: Public Charity Status and Public Support 3-2

Chapter 4 Other Revenue Disclosures Important To Fundraising (Schedules G-Ii and M) 4-1

Chapter 5 Public Policy, Political Activity, and Lobbying Disclosures on Schedule C 5-1

Chapter 6 The Interested Persons Of Schedule L And The Impact Of This Schedule On

Filing organizations 6-1

Table 1: Definitions of Interested Persons for Schedule L’s Parts II through IV 6-4

Category #5’s Glossary Definition 6-5

Table 2: Dollar Thresholds and Relevant Time Periods Applied in Schedule L’s Parts I through IV 6-7

Schedule L, Part IV Business Transactions 6-10

Schedule L Part II, Loans To/From Interested Persons 6-19

Schedule L, Part III Grants or Assistance Benefiting Interested Persons 6-23

Schedule L Part I, Excess Benefit Transactions (501(c)(3), (c)(4) and(c)(29) organizations only) 6-29

Chapter 7 Foreign Activities (Grant-Making and Beyond) 7-1

Schedule F: Statement of Activities outside the US 7-2

Chapter 8 Fully Disclosing Compensation on Schedule J the Rest of the Core Form Part Vii Story 8-1

Working with Form 990 Compensation Reporting Mandates Specifically, Schedule J’s Part II 8-31

Working with Schedule J’s Reporting on Compensation Practices-Schedule J, Part I 8-36

Chapter 9 Tax Exempt Bonds and Schedule K 9-1

Introduction 9-2

Chapter 10 The Final Chapter: Schedule N Exempt Entity Is No More, Is In Wind-Up, Or Has Experienced Asset Contraction/Expansion 10-1

Introduction to N’s Reporting on Liquidation, Termination, Dissolution Or Significant Disposition of Assets 10-2

Glossary Glossary 1

Index Index 1

Solutions Solutions 1

Chapter 1 Solutions 1

Chapter 2 Solutions 2

Chapter 3 Solutions 3

Chapter 4 Solutions 7

Chapter 5 Solutions 9

Chapter 6 Solutions 10

Chapter 7 Solutions 13

Chapter 8 Solutions 14

Chapter 9 Solutions 17

Chapter 10 Solutions 18

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