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Flexible Energy Conversion and Storage Devices

Flexible Energy Conversion and Storage Devices

Chunyi Zhi (Editor), Liming Dai (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-34262-4

Jun 2018

1000 pages



Reviewing recent progress in flexible energy conversion and storage devices, this highly relevant book introduces not only the basic principles and strategies to make a device flexible, but also the applicable materials and technologies. Adopting an application-oriented approach throughout, the text discusses perspectives for different devices, such as batteries, supercapacitors, solar cells and fuel cells, covering such technologies as polymers, carbon materials, nanotechnologies and textile technologies.
Chapter 1. Flexible all-solid state supercapacitors
Chapter 2. Fiber/yarn based flexible supercapacitors
Chapter 3. Flexible lithium ion batteries
Chapter 4. Flexible sodium ion batteries
Chapter 5. Flexible diversified batteries
5.1 Zinc ion batteries
5.2 Mg batteries
5.3 Alkaline batteries
5.4 Silver-Zinc batteries
5.5 Other flexible batteries
Chapter 6. Flexible lithium sulfur batteries
Chapter 7. Flexible fuel cells
Chapter 8. Flexible nanodielectric materials with high permittivity for power energy storage
Chapter 9. Flexible dye sensitized solar cells
Chapter 10. Flexible perovskite solar cells
Chapter 11. Flexible organic solar cells
Chapter 12. Flexible quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Chapter 13. Flexible triboelectric nanogenerators
Chapter 14. Flexible thermoelectric devices
Chapter 15. Flexible electrodes for water-splitting