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ECGs for the Emergency Physician 1

Amal Mattu, William J. Brady (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-68215-9 April 2013 BMJ Books 176 Pages


With over 200 traces to test your knowledge, this book is a first class learning tool for emergency physicians. Basic student-level knowledge of ECGs is assumed, so the reader can move directly to learning about the more complex traces that occur in the emergency department. The level of difficulty is stratified into two sections for specialists in training and specialist emergency physicians.

A minimum amount of information is given beneath each trace, as if in the real situation. The full clinical description is printed in a separate section to avoid the temptation of “looking”.

Accompanied by learning points, and with the cases presented randomly, this book provides a rich source of information on the interpretation of ECGs – a core skill for all emergency department staff.




Part 1.

Case histories.

ECG interpretations and comments.

Part 2.

Case histories.

ECG interpretations and comments.

Appendix A: Differential diagnoses.

Appendix B: Commonly used abbreviations.


"Mattu and Brady have put together 200 ECGs that illustrate virtually all electrocardiographic diagnoses. This is achieved in a self-assessment format that is instructive and interesting...I recommend these as continuing education for Emergency Medicine Specialists: no matter how well honed your skills, there is something here that will make you stop, think and learn...After you have read this book, I suspect the next person to ask you "Just check this ECG" will be overwhelmed with your knowledge!" EMJ Online
Multiple examples of good quality ECGs for self education
Designed especially for emergency medicine
Categorised into level of difficulty
Useful appendices to assist with diagnosis