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Contemporary Epistemology: An Anthology

Ernest Sosa (Editor), Jeremy Fantl (Editor), Matthew McGrath (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-42079-8 March 2019 Wiley-Blackwell 320 Pages


A rigorous, authoritative new anthology which brings together some of the most significant contemporary scholarship on the theory of knowledge

Carefully-calibrated and judiciously-curated, this strong and contemporary new anthology builds upon Epistemology: An Anthology, Second Edition (Wiley Blackwell, 2008) by drawing a concise and well-balanced selection of higher-level readings from a large, diverse, and evolving body of research.

  • Includes 17 readings that represent a broad and vital part of contemporary epistemology, including articles by female philosophers and emerging thought leaders
  • Organized into seven thoughtful and distinct sections, including virtue epistemology, practical reasons for belief, and epistemic dysfunctions among others
  • Designed to sit alongside the highly-successful anthology of canonical essays, Epistemology: An Anthology, Second Edition (Wiley Blackwell, 2008)
  • Edited by a distinguished editorial team, including Ernie Sosa, one of the most influential active epistemologists
  • Highlights cutting edge methodologies and contemporary topics for advanced students, instructors, and researchers

Preface vii

Part I The Ethics of Belief 1

1 Deontological Desiderata 3
William Alston

2 Voluntary Belief and Epistemic Evaluation 17
Richard Feldman

Part II Practical Reasons for Belief ? 29

3 The Wrong Kind of Reason 31
Pamela Hieronymi

4 No Exception for Belief 44
Susanna Rinard

5 Promising Against the Evidence 58
Berislav Marušic

Part III Reliance 75

6 Evidentialism and Pragmatic Constraints on Outright Belief 77
Dorit Ganson

7 Alief and Belief 91
Tamar Gendler

8 Can It Be Rational to Have Faith? 110
Lara Buchak

9 Assertion and Practical Reasoning: Common or Divergent Epistemic Standards? 126
Jessica Brown

Part IV Epistemic Dysfunctions 147

10 Testimonial Injustice 149
Miranda Fricker

11 Cognitive Penetrability and Perceptual Justification 164
Susanna Siegel

Part V Virtue Epistemology 179

12 The Search for the Source of Epistemic Good 181
Linda Zagzebski

13 Why We Don’t Deserve Credit for Everything We Know 192
Jennifer Lackey

14 A (Different) Virtue Epistemology 205
John Greco

15 Knowledge and Justification 220
Ernest Sosa

Part VI Disagreement 229

16 Epistemology of Disagreement: The Good News 231
David Christensen

17 The Epistemic Significance of Disagreement 249
Thomas Kelly

Part VII Permissivism About Belief ? 265

18 Epistemic Permissiveness 267
Roger White

19 Permission to Believe: Why Permissivism Is True and What It Tells Us About Irrelevant Influences on Belief 277
Miriam Schoenfield

Index 296