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Complex Cerebral Palsy: Care and Management

Complex Cerebral Palsy: Care and Management

Laurie Glader, Richard Stevenson

ISBN: 978-1-909-96298-9

Nov 2018

244 pages

Select type: Paperback




Children with complex cerebral palsy (GMFCS levels IV and V) are at risk of a wide variety of complications. They often require skilled management and extensive expertise which can be overwhelming or intimidating for many clinical practitioners. This book shows how to manage many of the medical comorbidities these children encounter. These include orthopedic assessment, mobility and equipment needs, cognition and sensory impairment, challenging behavior, seizures and sexuality, among many others. Summary Points at the end of each chapter provide at-a-glance access to the key recommendation of that chapter.  While aimed at the practicing physician and developmental and neurodevelopmental pediatricians, this volume will also be useful for therapists, dieticians, nurses, psychologists, educators, social workers, and trainees across multiple disciplines as well as parents/families of children and youth with complex CP.