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Cognition, 10th Edition

Cognition, 10th Edition

Thomas A. Farmer, Margaret W. Matlin

ISBN: 978-1-119-49166-8

Jan 2019

624 pages


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The study of human cognitive processes provides insight into why we act or react and can help us predict future behaviors. In Cognition, authors Thomas Farmer and Margaret Matlin present an engaging and highly relatable examination of how these processes work, and how they are responsible for the way we perceive and interpret the world around us. Broad in scope without sacrificing depth of detail, this text emphasizes the link between conceptual cognitive psychology and real-world experience; case studies, current trends, and historical perspectives merge to provide a comprehensive understanding of core principles and theories.

This new Tenth Edition has been updated to reflect the latest research, technology, and thinking, with more in-depth coverage of topics rising to prominence in the field’s current knowledge base. Expanded explanations balance classical and contemporary approaches to specific topics, while additional experiments and an emphasis on methodology and experimental design are included to facilitate a greater appreciation of the field’s rigorous research. 

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New to this Edition:

  • Fully revised and streamlined for improved clarity and readability, with optimized quiz questions and more detailed lecture slides
  • Expanded coverage of experimental methodologies, and 100 new references for further exploration
  • Deeper examination of the speech recognition process, Stroop task research, working memory, implicit aptitude tests, and cognitive language neuroscience
  • New discussions surrounding magnetoencephalography cognitive neuroscientific testing, working memory and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, amnesia and traumatic events, cognitive prediction, and more
  • New and updated coverage of the latest research and trends, including cognitive brain training paradigms, gesture in learning, the bilingual advantage, linguistic abilities in older adults, and factors that modulate the recognition process

Wiley Advantage:

  • Distills complex ideas into straightforward concepts using frequent examples and an engaging, accessible style
  • Emphasizes early themes throughout, providing continuity that enhances comprehension
  • Includes simple demonstrations that increase student engagement without the need for special equipment
  • Demonstrates cognitive processes’ relevance to everyday life, as well as other fields including education, communication, business, medicine, and law
  • Lists recommended reading for further exploration, discussion, and research
  • Features extensive pedagogical devices, including outlines, summaries, pronunciation guides, and definition, that increase understanding and encourage self-study