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CCNA Routing and Switching Certification Kit: Exams 100-101, 200-201, 200-120

CCNA Routing and Switching Certification Kit: Exams 100-101, 200-201, 200-120

Todd Lammle, William Tedder

ISBN: 978-1-118-78958-2

Jan 2014

1704 pages


Everything You Need to Prepare for the CCNA Routing and Switching Exams

This value-priced bundle contains everything certification candidates need to prepare for CCNA exams ICND1 100-101, ICND2 200-101, and the CCNA Composite exam 200-120, well as build the foundation for a career as a networking administrator.  Featuring the bestselling CCNA Study Guide from Cisco Networking Authority Todd Lammle, this kit is a complete prep package that will enable you to study, practice, and review so that you can approach the exam with confidence.

The Certification Kit includes:

  • CCNA Routing and Switching Study Guide – Provides in-depth coverage of every exam objective, access to over an hour of useful video and audio files, a network simulator to help you complete the hands-on labs without additional hardware, and a practice test environment with hundreds of questions, flashcards, and more
  • CCNA Routing and Switching Virtual Lab, Titanium Edition 4.0 – Allows you to create simulated networks using an unlimited number of routers and switches. Exam candidates can either follow the prepared lab exercises or experiment with the hundreds of configuration commands built into the simulator
  • CCNA Routing and Switching Review Guide – Organized by exam objectives, this focused, concise guide provides you with that last-minute prep to hammer home concepts. Content in this book maps directly to the main exam objectives, so you can focus your study and make the most of your time

The CCNA Routing and Switching Certification Kit is your one-stop, complete resource for CCNA Routing and Switching exam prep.

Introduction xxvii

Part I ICND1 1

Chapter 1 Internetworking 3

Chapter 2 Ethernet Networking and Data Encapsulation 41

Chapter 3 Introduction to TCP/IP 87

Chapter 4 Easy Subnetting 139

Chapter 5 VLSMs, Summarization, and Troubleshooting TCP/IP 181

Chapter 6 Cisco’s Internetworking Operating System (IOS) 213

Chapter 7 Managing a Cisco Internetwork 283

Chapter 8 IP Routing 331

Chapter 9 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) 385

Chapter 10 Layer 2 Switching 425

Chapter 11 VLANs and InterVLAN Routing 459

Chapter 12 Security 501

Chapter 13 Network Address Translation (NAT) 541

Chapter 14 Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) 569

Part II ICND2 613

Chapter 15 Enhanced Switched Technologies 615

Chapter 16 Managing Cisco Devices 661

Chapter 17 IP Services 699

Chapter 18 Troubleshooting IP, IPv6, and VLANs 741

Chapter 19 Enhanced IGRP 783

Chapter 20 Multi-Area OSPF 847

Chapter 21 Wide Area Networks 897

Appendix A Answers to Written Labs 967

Chapter 1: Internetworking 968

Chapter 2: Ethernet Networking and Data Encapsulation 970

Chapter 3: Introduction to TCP/IP 974

Chapter 4: Easy Subnetting 975

Chapter 5: VLSMs, Summarization and Troubleshooting TCP/IP 977

Chapter 6: Cisco’s Internetworking Operating System (IOS) 978

Chapter 7: Managing a Cisco Internetwork 978

Appendix C Disabling and Configuring Network Services 1029

Appendix D About the Additional Study Tools 1041

Index 1045

Virtual Lab map
Maps the hands-on labs in the book to the CCNA Virtual Labs