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Bookkeeping For Dummies - Australia / NZ, 2nd Australian and New Zealand Edition

Bookkeeping For Dummies - Australia / NZ, 2nd Australian and New Zealand Edition

Veechi Curtis, Lynley Averis

ISBN: 978-0-730-31070-9 September 2014 416 Pages




The bestselling guide to stress-free bookkeeping - specifically for  Australia and New Zealand

Do you want to save time, money, and a few grey hairs by establishing efficient bookkeeping practices? You’ve come to the right place! Bookkeeping For Dummies, Second Australian & New Zealand Edition, shows small business owners and bookkeepers how to record day-to-day transactions, understand GST, generate Profit & Loss reports, and so much more. Inside, you’ll get to grips with bookkeeping basics, discover how to record business transactions correctly, use the latest accounting software, and find out how to manage employee payroll. You’ll also get advice on allocating tricky transactions correctly.

The new edition of this bestselling guide has been fully updated to include cloud accounting software, bank feeds, and automated reconciliations. You can find out about changes to BAS Agent legislation, and the latest in payroll and tax reporting obligations. New chapters include how to start your own independent bookkeeping practice, and a practical explanation of the bookkeeper’s professional ‘code of conduct.’

  • Covers cloud accounting and recent changes in the accounting software landscape
  • Includes information and resources specific to Australia and New Zealand
  • Contains a Foreword written by Matthew Addison, Executive Director of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
  • Provides lots of helpful information and tips for students studying Certificate IV in Bookkeeping or Financial Services.
Do you know your assets from your equity? Or are you confused about depreciation? Whether you’re a small business owner who is new to bookkeeping or a seasoned bookkeeping professional who wants to learn more about creating complex financial reports, Bookkeeping For Dummies sets you up for success.

Foreword xvii

Introduction 1

Part I: First Steps 5

Chapter 1: Introducing the Bookkeeping Game 7

Chapter 2: Creating a Framework 21

Chapter 3: Going for the Big Equation 39

Part II: Forming a Plan 57

Chapter 4: Playing a Bookkeeper’s Rhythm 59

Chapter 5: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job 73

Chapter 6: Understanding GST 91

Part III: Recording Day-to-Day Transactions 113

Chapter 7: Recording Expenses and Supplier Payments 115

Chapter 8: Recording Receipts and Sales 143

Chapter 9: Paying Employees 163

Chapter 10: Reconciling Accounts 187

Part IV: Pulling It All Together 201

Chapter 11: Reporting for Payroll 203

Chapter 12: Managing Inventory and Other Assets 223

Chapter 13: Mastering Tricky Situations 243

Chapter 14: Checking Your Work 265

Chapter 15: Understanding Financial Reports 285

Chapter 16: Starting a New Financial Year 303

Part V: Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business 317

Chapter 17: Starting Up On Your Own 319

Chapter 18: Staying on the Right Side of the Law 333

Part VI: The Part of Tens 349

Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Not-for-Profit Organisations 351

Chapter 20: Ten Tricks for Collecting Money 359

Glossary 367

Index 377