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Basic Maths For Dummies, UK Edition

Basic Maths For Dummies, UK Edition

Colin Beveridge

ISBN: 978-1-119-97562-5 July 2011 284 Pages




Whether you are returning to school, studying for an adult numeracy test, helping your kids with homework, or seeking the confidence that a firm maths foundation provides in everyday encounters, Basic Maths For Dummies, UK Edition, provides the content you need to improve your basic maths skills.

Based upon the Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum, this title covers such topics as:

  • Getting started with the building blocks of maths and setting yourself up for success
  • Dealing with decimals, percentages and tackling fractions without fear
  • Sizing Up weights, measures, and shapes
  • How to handle statistics and gauge probability 
Filled with real-world examples and written by a PhD-level mathematician who specialises in tutoring adults and students, Basic Maths For Dummies also provides practical advice on overcoming maths anxiety and a host of tips, tricks, and memory aids that make learning maths (almost) painless - and even fun. 
Introduction 1

Part I: Whole Numbers: The Building Blocks of Maths 7

Chapter 1: Getting Started 9

Chapter 2: Setting Yourself Up for Success 23

Chapter 3: It All Adds Up: Addition and Subtraction 35

Chapter 4: Equal Piles: Multiplying and Dividing 53

Chapter 5: Are We Nearly There Yet? Rounding and Estimating 75

Part II: Parts of the Whole 89

Chapter 6: Cake or Death: Fractions without Fear 91

Chapter 7: What's the Point? Dealing with Decimals 107

Chapter 8: It's All Relative: Ratios and Proportions 123

Chapter 9: Perfect Percentages, 100% of the Time 137

Part III: Sizing Up Weights, Shapes and Measures 151

Chapter 10: Clocking Time 153

Chapter 11: Working with Cold, Hard Cash 163

Chapter 12: Taking the Weight Off Your Shoulders 175

Chapter 13: Feeling the Heat 189

Chapter 14: That’s About the Size of It 203

Chapter 15: Shaping Up 223

Part IV: Statistically Speaking 237

Chapter 16: Data Mining (No Hard Hat Required) 239

Chapter 17: Top of the Charts 255

Chapter 18: Average Joe 275

Chapter 19: What Are the Chances? 289

Part V: The Part of Tens 305

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Prepare Yourself Before You Start Studying 307

Chapter 21: Ten Tricks for Remembering Your Number Facts 313

Chapter 22: Ten Pitfalls to Avoid 323

Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Make Any Exam Easier 327

Index 333