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Accounting Workbook For Dummies

John A. Tracy

ISBN: 978-1-118-05306-5 August 2011 320 Pages


Balance the books -- without all the headaches!

Trying to get certified and become an accountant? Own a small business but need a little help balancing your books? Don't worry! This hands-on guide provides the learning and vital practice you need to master important accounting concepts and basics. Perfect as a companion workbook for Accounting For Dummies -- or any other accounting textbook -- Accounting Workbook For Dummies gives you a wealth of real-world examples, demonstration problems, and handy exercises. With this helpful resource as your guide, you'll master balance sheets, income statements, and budgets in no time!

100s of Problems!
* Record transactions, track costs, and manage accounts
* Open and close bookkeeping cycles
* Analyze business performance and profit
* Choose the right accounting method
* Master investment accounting fundamentals
* Understand manufacturing cost accounting

Introduction 1

Part I: Business Accounting Basics 5

Chapter 1: Elements of Business Accounting 7

Chapter 2: Financial Effects of Transactions 27

Chapter 3: Getting Started in the Bookkeeping Cycle 47

Chapter 4: The Bookkeeping Cycle: Adjusting and Closing Entries 75

Part II: Preparing Financial Statements 97

Chapter 5: The Effects and Reporting of Profit 99

Chapter 6: Reporting Financial Condition in the Balance Sheet 119

Chapter 7: Coupling the Income Statement and Balance Sheet 143

Chapter 8: Reporting Cash Flows and Changes in Owners’ Equity 159

Chapter 9: Choosing Accounting Methods 177

Part III: Managerial, Manufacturing, and Capital Accounting 201

Chapter 10: Analyzing Profit Behavior 203

Chapter 11: Manufacturing Cost Accounting 229

Chapter 12: Figuring Out Interest and Return on Investment 259

Part IV: The Part of Tens 287

Chapter 13: Ten Things You Should Know About Business Financial Statements 289

Chapter 14: A Ten-Point Checklist for Management Accountants 295

Index 301