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A Man's Workbook: A Program for Treating Addiction

Stephanie S. Covington, Dan Griffin, Rick Dauer

ISBN: 978-0-470-48657-3 January 2011 Jossey-Bass 256 Pages


A Man's Workbook offers a companion product that is tied seamlessly to the Helping Men Recover Facilitator's Guide. This participant workbook has four modules (self, relationships, sexuality, and spirituality) and allows men to process and record the therapeutic experience. It contains exercises for use in group sessions, summaries of information presented from the facilitator's guide, and reflection questions and activities for use after group sessions. There is also a criminal justice version of the workbook which is designed specifically for men in criminal justice settings.

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Introduction 1

Module A: Self 7

1. Defining Self 9

2. Men in Recovery 27

3. Sense of Self 35

4. Men: Inside and Out 43

5. Men and Feelings 51

Module B: Relationships 61

6. Family of Origin 63

7. Barriers to Relationships 75

8. Fathers 89

9. Mothers 103

10. Creating Healthy Relationships and Support Systems 117

11. Effective Communication and Intimacy 129

Module C: Sexuality 141

12. Sexuality and Addiction 143

13. Sexual Identity 157

14. Barriers to Sexual Health 167

15. Healthy Sexuality 175

Module D: Spirituality 191

16. What Is Spirituality? 193

17. Real Men 201

18. Creating a Vision 213

Appendix: Materials Related to Recovery 223

I. Five Primary Practices of the Oxford Group 224

II. The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous 225

III. A.A. Slogans 226

IV. A Letter from Carl Jung to Bill Wilson 227

V. The Serenity Prayer 229

VI. The Synanon Prayer 230

VII. SMART Recovery® 231

VIII. Save Our Selves/(SOS) 232

About the Authors 233

Feedback Form 235